Laura Crosland Ceramics

Having trained at the Leach Pottery, Laura now produces her own range of functional

pottery. Alsongside this she creates one-off pieces which are highly carved with intricate

geometric patterns and natural forms.


Laura began her ceramics career in Wolverhampton, where she studied for a BAHons in Ceramics.

She continued to finish a Masters in Ceramics, also at Wolverhampton.


The next step in her journey was to work for Peter



Following this she moved to Devon to work for Penny

Simpson for 3 months.


Laura then spent a year training at the Leach Pottery,

in St Ives. Her time at the Leach was funded by the charity

Adopt a Potter, who support emerging potters in their education.

Laura then worked at the Leach Pottery as part of the production team, until February 2016,

when she moved to Chatham, Kent, to set up her own studio at Nucleus Arts Centre.


In August 2018 Laura moved back to St Ives to set up a pottery studio at the Gaolyard Studios

on Dove Street, founded by Leach Potter John Bedding, where she now produces her

functional pottery.