Laura Crosland Ceramics

I create hand thrown forms which are carved and altered before glazing.  I take

inspiration from natural forms such as flowers and lizards. Dahlias are a particular

source of inspiration for me, as they represent elegance and beauty in the Victorian

language of flowers.


I have become increasingly interested in geometric patterns, as the tessellation of

shapes fascinates me. My work incorporates geometric patterns and natural forms,

in an abstract style.


I began my ceramics career in Wolverhampton, where I studied for a BAHons in Ceramics.

I  continued to finish a Masters in Ceramics, also at Wolverhampton.


The next step in my journey was to work for Peter



Following this I moved to Devon to work for Penny

Simpson for 3 months.


I then spent a year at the Leach Pottery,

in St Ives. My time at the Leach was funded by the charity

Adopt a Potter, who support emerging potters in their education.

I then worked at the Leach Pottery as part of the production team, until February 2016,

when I moved to Chatham, Kent, to set up my own studio at Nucleus Arts Centre.


Nucleus Arts Centre is a collection of studios containing artists using a range of different media and processes. It is set on the Highstreet of Chatham and also has a cafe for members of the public.