Laura Crosland Ceramics

Pottery lessons

I offer different pottery lessons depending on people's needs.

My one to one lessons are £40 per person for 2 hours and can be arranged to suit the

student. I prefer not to do these at the weekend. I can cater for any ability

so if you don't have any experience, don't worry!

At the end of these lessons you get to choose your favourite 2 pieces to keep and fire,

and I glaze them for collection at a later date. This can take up to a month depending

on my schedule. If you would prefer to come with a friend I can plan a lesson for 2 people. This will be £80 for the 2 hours, as it is £40 per person.


I will only be offering lessons in my studio in Kent until the 5th July, as I will be moving to

St Ives in August. I need enough time to fire the pots before I leave, so I have set myself a



Contact me at: for more info