Laura Crosland Ceramics

Honey brown bowls


The bowls are thrown on the wheel, then the foot is turned on the wheel and the little handles
are added by hand. It makes a nice soup bowl or cereal bowl.
The glaze is made up of 2 layers of the same glaze, one containing iron and one containing copper and rutile.
To prolong life I advise not using a dishwasher, this will dull the surface
as with glasses.
Approximate size: 15cm wide x 7cm high
2 available

NOTE: Glaze and shape may vary from imges, as all pieces are handmade.  If you need to
see images of the actual piece you will receive, please email me at:

I will post the pots within 2-3 working days, if for any reason this is not possible, I will let you know.
The pots will be sent second class post which should take approximately 3-5 days.