Laura Crosland Ceramics

Rutlie jars


This garlic saver is hand thrown and pierced before being glazed with a tenmoku glaze, then a copper rutile glaze on top.
The idea behind the garlic saver is that it provides a dark environment and the holes provide air for the garlic. The dark slows down the process of the garlic sprouting.

The honey jar/jam jar is thrown on the wheel and turned, then a section of the lid is cut away to provide a space for the honey stick. The inside is glazed using a copper rutile glaze and the outside is the same glaze, over an iron glaze.

They measure approximately 10cm high x 10 cm wide.

To keep in good condition I recommend not using a dishwasher, as the surace is a glass, it will dull with time as glasses do in the dishwasher.
NOTE: Glazes and shapes may vary slightly from the images, as all pieces are handmade.

I will post the pots within 2-3 working days, if for any reason this is not possible, I will let you know.
The pots will be sent second class post which should take approximately 3-5 days.